Consultancy and customs operations

You only have to focus on your business, will deal with the paperwork for the recognition of your goods.

Since more than 35 years our Venezuelan office, Aduantir Ca, has been working as a customs operator in the port of La Guaira and in the international airport of Maiquetia, Caracas.
Our staff will assist you by providing all the documentation and supporting you in filling out the paperwork required for the recognition and customs clearance of your goods.

The services include:

› Analysis of  requests;
› Customs procedures;
› Ministerial authorizations;
› Practices;
› Customs clearance;
› Organization of transport in the Country.

In this country we offer our whole experience and knowledge; here we can transport all kinds of goods, ensuring the success of any legislative practice, which is essential to importation and distribution in Venezuelan market.

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