Our office in Venezuela was opened in 1979 in La Guaira, the main port of the country.

Thanks to our 35 years of continuous work, we know in detail the area and we can offer various services such as:

  • customs operations in the port of La Guaira;
  • delivery of goods to the chosen Venezuelan location;
  • deconsolidation of goods at the ports of La Guaira and Puerto Cabello;
  • customs consultancy for the import of your goods.

Our staff are always up-to-date on new state directives about importation of your goods, and they are available to clarify any doubts.
In 2013 we opened a small branch office in Puerto Cabello, in order to follow the logistics operations carried out in this port more closely.

For more information or if you require a quote, please contact our office:

Plaza El Cónsul | Edificio B.N.D. 1° piso
Maiquetía/Edo. Vargas – Venezuela
Ph.: (0058) 212-3320550
Ph.: (0058) 212-3327770
Fax: (0058) 212-3321185/212-3314103

Or contact our staff:

Our office:

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